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Quintana Roo News

Cancún faces losses of 400 million dollars due to the absence of Brazilian tourists

The hotel sector of Cancún suffers an economic blow after the collapse of Brazilian tourism, due to the cancellation of electronic visas, resulting in...


Mayan Train starts operations with delays of more than four hours

MEXICO CITY (process.com.mx).- On its first day of operations with a paid ticket, the Maya Train registered a delay of more than four hours...

AMLO’s government gives the Army assignment over the Tulum Airport for an indefinite period

With the Tulum Airport, the Army will have 12 airports under its control. The Tulum International Airport is expected to open in December 2023. The Secretariat...

Mayan Train will be financed by charging 38 dollars to each foreign tourist

Morena and her allies in the Chamber of Deputies created a new trust to guarantee the operation of the Tren Maya company, through which...


Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo concentrate more than 66% of tourism investment

During the first three quarters of the year, Mexico captured 2,276.6 million dollars of FDI; The podium was completed by Nayarit. Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo were the entities with the greatest foreign capital...

Is the “Superpeso” scaring away foreign tourists?

The appreciation of the national currency against the dollar made the most popular destinations more expensive, according to Cicotur. The main Mexican beaches received fewer foreign tourists by air during this summer compared to the...


Mortgages for foreigners who want to live in Mexico

The importance of housing financing for foreigners The rest and retirement housing market for foreigners coming to Mexico must be protected. Today, it is a sector...

Trade authorities from Canada, the US and Mexico will meet next week in Cancun

Canada's Minister of Commerce, the US Trade Representative, and Mexico's Secretary of Economy will meet next week in Cancun. The meeting takes place at the...

Real Estate


Carnival pairing in Cozumel, Mazatlán and Mérida

According to the results of my web search, the Carnaval of Cancún 2024 will take place from February 8 to 13, with the participation...

Carnaval Cancún 2024: know the activities and musical groups that will participate

The activities of the carnival of Cancún will take place from Thursday 8 to Wednesday 13 of February. The Carnaval of Cancún is only a...

Tulum will host the Triple A Wrestling on January 5th

The Worldwide Wrestling billboard will impress young and old. With an impressive billboard of Worldwide Wrestling, Tulum will celebrate in a big way the Day...

Food and Drinks

American girl changes the ‘chicken nuggets’ for a pozole and goes viral: VIDEO 

A little girl around 4 years old has gone viral on social networks after she refused to eat chicken nuggets, since she prefers a...

Can You Afford to Live in Mexico? (Income Data & Residency Requirements) VIDEO

Qroo Paul & Linda @qroo‧ describe themselves as Just a couple of married folks trying to live their best lives. You can check out their...

Expats Crime

The woman murdered in Tulum was the wife of a former DEA agent

Niko Honarbakhsh, the American woman who was murdered in Tulum in an armed attack at a beach club last Friday, Feb. 9th, was the...


Mexico History

Ichkabal: The Mayan Treasure that will dazzle Quintana Roo in 2024  

Let's get ready for a journey through time and the greatness of the Mayan civilization, since Ichkabal, an ancient archaeological jewel that surpasses Chichén Itzá and Uxmal in antiquity, is about to dazzle the world. With its opening scheduled for mid-2024, this historical treasure...

Mexico Living

We found another way to save time with the OXXO Spin Card! Today we paid our Puerto Vallarta predial (Property Tax) bill online with my Spin Card. The website had not accepted our U.S. Visa cards, but it did accept the OXXO Visa. What a relief! Jonathan found another convenient use for the OXXO Spin card! Today, he paid for...


In case of Dengue, Quintana Roo health authorities urge citizens not to self-medicate

The Quintana Roo Health Secretariat (Sesa) has urged the population not to self-medicate in the case of dengue symptoms, a disease that has Quintana Roo ranked third nationally in incidence. Flavio Carlos Rosado, head of the department, recommended that people who feel unwell should see...