Cancún: Taxi drivers stand up to Uber by launching their own ‘app’


With the circulation of the first 250 units equipped with the “Ola taxi” app, a new era has begun for the “Andrés Quintana Roo” taxi drivers’ union, in line with modern times, asserted Rubén Carrillo, the union’s general secretary. In front of union members, he highlighted the importance of this initiative, which has been “a project of years in favor of the great taxi family.”

“We have a platform that meets the union’s standards and the expectations of the citizens. Now, anyone can request a taxi service with just a phone and receive immediate attention through WhatsApp. This is an additional achievement that provides comfort and safety to our users,” Carrillo pointed out.

The union leader emphasized that the taxi drivers are committed to offering quality service, highlighting the warmth, experience, professionalism, and efficiency that characterize them. “We deserve the best, and we are confident that this project will be a success among the citizens,” he affirmed.

“Starting today, residents and visitors of Cancún can enjoy the ‘Ola taxi’ service, which guarantees safety, speed, and efficiency in each transfer. We are committed to working for the community, and this launch marks the beginning of a new era for our union,” Carrillo asserted. “With ‘Ola taxi,’ we are transforming the taxi service in Cancún and reaffirming our union’s commitment to excellence and innovation,” he concluded.

As reported, following protests a few days ago by Uber drivers at the Azuna building where the digital platform’s offices in Cancún were located, the company decided to change locations. This was due to complaints from other tenants, affected by the blockade carried out by the partners during their demonstration last week, when they demanded greater security to perform their work at this destination, after threats and attacks from the “Andrés Quintana Roo” Taxi Drivers’ Union.

Source: Reportur