“Which city is more expensive to live in: Mexico City (CDMX) or Cancun?


This is what is spent on food, transportation, and rent.

One, in the heart of Mexico, the other, on the Peninsula, but both are among the preferred destinations for nationals and foreigners.

Although it may seem that they have nothing in common, Mexico City and Cancun are favorite destinations for Mexicans and foreigners thanks to their wide tourist offerings and natural landscapes; however, over the years, both cities have also become an option for those looking to change their environment and leave the entities where they live.

Both cities have specific problems such as insecurity, water scarcity, or lack of transportation, but they also stand out for their wide job offerings, especially in industrial and tourist themes. Therefore, it is important to exercise and evaluate how expensive it is to live in them in case Mexico City or Cancun is the destination we plan to move to in search of new opportunities.

Comparing the living standards of both cities

Nothing better than hearing the opinion of its inhabitants firsthand to start getting an idea of what it will be like to live in the country’s capital or the peninsular city. The specialized site Expatistan offers a comparison that reveals that the standard of living is similar in both, although in some specific items, one tends to be more expensive than the other.

For example, in terms of food, Mexico City is 23 percent cheaper than Cancun:

– Daily meal in an expensive area: 266 pesos in CDMX and 564 pesos in Cancun

– Fast food for one person: 157 pesos in CDMX and 160 pesos in Cancun

– Half a kilo of chicken breast: 70 pesos in CDMX and 72 pesos in Cancun

– One liter of milk: 29 pesos in CDMX and 30 pesos in Cancun

– 12 large eggs: 55 pesos in CDMX and 50 pesos in Cancun

– One kilo of tomatoes: 28 pesos in CDMX and 32 pesos in Cancun

– Half-liter beer in the supermarket: 31 pesos in CDMX and 32 pesos in Cancun

– Two-liter cola soda: 35 pesos in both cities

Food is cheaper in the country’s capital, according to its inhabitants.

While in housing, the country’s capital is 14 percent cheaper:

– Rent for a furnished apartment in an expensive area: 31,097 pesos in CDMX and 27,263 pesos in Cancun

– Rent for a furnished apartment in a popular neighborhood: 16,258 pesos in CDMX and 12,367 pesos in Cancun

– Electricity, water, and gas for one person: 701 pesos in CDMX and 1,295 pesos in Cancun

– Monthly internet: 418 pesos in CDMX and 379 pesos in Cancun

The cost of transportation is 6 percent cheaper in the country’s capital:

– A new, basic VW car: 338,480 pesos in CDMX and 283,895 pesos in Cancun

– One liter of gasoline: 23 pesos in CDMX and 24 pesos in Cancun

– Monthly public transportation expense: 460 pesos in CDMX and 523 pesos in Cancun

– Taxi ride for 8 kilometers: 163 pesos in CDMX and 245 pesos in Cancun

While in terms of health and personal care, the capital is 9 percent more expensive:

– Cold medicine for six days: 115 pesos in CDMX and 129 pesos in Cancun

– Antibiotic for 12 doses: 273 pesos in CDMX and 196 pesos in Cancun

– Private doctor consultation: 838 pesos in CDMX and 733 pesos in Cancun

– Box of 32 tampons: 67 pesos in CDMX and 77 pesos in Cancun

– Roll-on deodorant: 65 pesos in CDMX and 72 pesos in Cancun

– 400 ml shampoo: 65 pesos in CDMX and 60 pesos in Cancun

– Four rolls of toilet paper

Source: Infobae