Tulum Airport Receives Its First International Flight


It is expected that more international flights will arrive at the new airport in Tulum this Thursday.

With around 600 passengers on board, the first international flight of American Airlines arrived at the Tulum International Airport “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” around 11 a.m. this Thursday.

The aircraft was welcomed with the traditional water jets, and the ground staff welcomed the passengers coming from Dallas, Texas, marking the beginning of international flights at this air terminal that was inaugurated three months ago.

The “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport will receive other flights from Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami throughout the day, both from American Airlines and Delta.

It was reported that with these new connections, more than 6,160 weekly passengers from the neighboring northern country will have the opportunity to experience the Mayan culture, tradition, gastronomy, and the extraordinary beauty offered by the center and south of the Mexican Caribbean.

Additionally, the first United Airlines flight will also be received next Sunday.

Massive Arrival of Tourists for ‘Spring Break’ Begins

According to the hotel barometer provided by the State Tourism Secretariat, there are 545,805 tourists registered in Quintana Roo, both national and international.

The data from the hotel occupancy highlight that on Wednesday, it was above 80% on average in general in the state. Cancun recorded 89.2%; Puerto Morelos, 88.2%; Cozumel, 87.7%; Costa Mujeres, 87.1%; Riviera Maya, 85.7%; Isla Mujeres, 81.8%; Tulum, 80.2% and Grand Costa Maya, 45.4%.

The arrival of 1.2 million vacationers in the different destinations of the Mexican Caribbean is expected, although for now, a large flow of travelers can already be observed at the ADO terminal and Cancun International Airport, which is expected to continue this trend until next Sunday.

It is expected that this long weekend, around 30,000 people will enjoy the turquoise blue waters of the beaches of Cancun, as an operation of more than 40 lifeguards will provide attention from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Source: El Financiero