Ever wonder which is the safest seat on a bus?


Where is the safest seat on a bus?

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If you need to take a long trip, you probably shudder every time you search for reasonable airfare. While the price of everything seems to be higher nowadays, you may find a relative bargain by taking the bus. Still, when you are on a bus, you have some chance of suffering a life-changing injury in an accident.

Serious bus accidents are not nearly as common as those involving other vehicles, though. Nevertheless, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were almost 5,000 fatal large truck and bus accidents in the U.S. in 2020. So, where on the bus are you likely to be the safest?

The middle

If you can choose your seat on a bus, it is wise to look for something in the middle. Specifically, you should try to avoid the front and rear sections of the bus. Sitting in the middle gives you more protection during all types of crashes, including head-on and rear-end collisions.

As far as the middle of the bus goes, your best bet is to sit in a row between the bus’s tires. The mechanical components on this part of the bus provide additional protection during T-bone accidents.

Your exit strategy

Regardless of where you sit on a bus, you should plan an exit strategy immediately after boarding. Like with airplanes, it is advisable to locate the nearest exit. Then, think about how you will make your way to it during the mass confusion that often accompanies a crash.

Ultimately, by sitting in the correct seat and planning your exit, you are likely to decrease your odds of dying or sustaining a catastrophic injury in a bus accident.

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