Uncertainty with the sargassum forecast for 2024   


During this year the behavior of the sargassum landfall was atypical, since it began in January two months earlier and ended earlier in July with little arrival of the macroalgae. Likewise, it finished its arrival two months earlier than projected and although they expect next year to be the same, there is uncertainty in the forecast. 

“There is nothing written, nature has its own patterns, and it is very difficult to predict its behavior, although it is assumed that we already have all this known. No one saw the sargassum arrive, it is something completely new. If we follow the logic that the El Niño currents will continue to strengthen, we can induce that it will be a similar behavior,” said hydrologist Esteban Amaro Mauricio, as reported by Sipse. 

The Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) has registered that for the moment the sargassum stops landing in the remainder of the year and by 2024 in the region it expects that the sargassum landing will be low since they have only detected a few spots. 

In July, Semar reported that 18,450 tons of sargassum had been removed in Quintana Roo. During the period from July 11 to 24, 1,900 tons were removed in six municipalities of Quintana Roo.   

This was achieved with the support of 12 sargassum vessels and a total of 9,50 meters of anti-sargassum barrier. Similarly, 16 smaller boats are used and 1,950 people participate in the operation. 

  Source: Reportur