Assailants beat an account holder and shoot outside the Plaza Outlet in Cancun


CANCÚN, MX.- Two armed individuals on a motorcycle hit a woman with the butt of their pistol, who had just withdrawn a large sum of money from the bank in the Plaza Outlet,  in addition to firing their weapon into the air twice, before fleeing .

The victim had gone to the Bancomer bank branch, located in this square, on Avenida Andrés Quintana Roo, and was already leaving when she was intercepted by these criminals, who hit her on the head with a firearm, in order to take the bag, she was carrying, in addition to firing twice into the air, to avoid being followed.

Plaza personnel called 911 and Quintana Roo Police officers arrived at the scene and began the search for the assailants, without finding them.

According to some testimonies, the woman, after withdrawing the money from the bank and putting it in a bag, before going out to the parking lot, she took the cash from her bag again, to place it in a second bag. Surprisingly, the criminals went directly to take the first bag, so, if this story is true, they did not take the money.

Source: Noticaribe