Tragedy at a famous hotel in Cancún: A foreign tourist dies and his partner is seriously injured


A tragic event occurred at a famous hotel in Cancún, where the body of a lifeless man was found, alongside a woman with multiple injuries. The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo (FGE) is investigating a possible case of suicide.

The events were recorded around 05:30 this Tuesday, at the City Express hotel, located on Luis Donaldo Colosio boulevard in Cancún, where the death of a foreign man was reported.

According to local media, neighbors of the room where the tourists were staying reported that the couple had argued during the early hours of this Tuesday; later, hotel managers went up to see what was happening and found the lifeless body.

It was reported that the man, approximately 58 years old and of British nationality, was lying in a pool of blood. In the room was also his partner, a 53-year-old woman, who had multiple cuts on her arms.

Given this event, the FGE of Quintana Roo issued a statement informing that they are already investigating the discovery of a lifeless foreigner in a hotel in Cancún to clarify the facts.

It noted that it received a report of a deceased person, so they immediately moved to the hotel to open the corresponding investigation file.

The prosecutor’s office pointed out that “The first lines of investigation suggest that this unfortunate event could be a case of suicide, in which both people intended to take their own lives.”

It also detailed that they are already working in collaboration with the consulate to provide the necessary support and accompaniment to the relatives with the relevant procedures.

Unofficially, it was said that the deceased tourist was Ángel S., 58 years old, and presumably died after being injured with a broken bottle; for her part, his partner Allison S., 53, had cuts on her arms and was transferred to a hospital.

Source: Debate