Efforts to locate a man from Charleston who vanished in Mexico have transitioned from a rescue mission to a recovery operation, as stated by his relatives.


Brad Solomon, age 66, disappeared just over a week ago during a cruise stop in Cozumel.

Ashley Hyer-Miller, Solomon’s sister-in-law, informed News 2 on Friday that relatives had rallied a substantial number of volunteers to join the search for Solomon, with assistance from military forces.

“The military has been actively searching—they deployed personnel and canines yesterday. At present, my relatives and my spouse are scouring remote regions on ATVs,” she reported.

Solomon suffers from frontotemporal dementia, a progressive condition that impacts behavior more than memory.

Following a shopping trip at the Cozumel Port, Solomon and his spouse separated to use the restrooms. Solomon’s wife, upon exiting the women’s restroom, did not see him come out, and he has not been seen since.

The family mentioned that a tracking device attached to Solomon ceased transmitting signals.

Solomon’s spouse and several family members have chosen to stay in Mexico to continue their quest to find him and to obtain closure.

Source: WCBD