Attack on workers of the Maya Train, “provocation” plan: AMLO


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured in his morning conference this Thursday that workers of Section 6 of the Maya Train were attacked and injured, a fact that the president described as part of a “provocation” plan. He added that the attack has caused employees to no longer want to work in the area out of fear.

“Yesterday, for example, some workers were injured precisely on section 6 from Tulum to Chetumal,” said the president from the National Palace. López Obrador assured that it is an “important section” in this essential work of his government.

The president asked for the recovery of the workers who were injured and took the opportunity to “tell the workers why there is talk that they no longer want to work in that section because there is a lot of insecurity to tell them that today the National Guard is going to be working that zone”.

Source: La Silla Rota