What is a Taximio? A fashionable word in social networks


Citizens have baptized a group of taxi drivers with this name

In recent days, a term that has become common has been read through social networks, Taximios, a word that refers to the taxi drivers of the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Drivers Union, in the city of Cancun that through violence have tried to prevent the operation of Uber.

However, this term does not apply to all taxi drivers in the city, but to those who have been specifically involved in acts of violence in which they attack tourists, Uber users and the drivers of this platform, due to the way of behaving in which they act without scruples and without being able to engage in dialogue.

Citizens have shown annoyance with taxi drivers in Cancun because they feel that they have abused people in their service and in dealings, this situation has led, for example, that citizens call to not to use the service next Friday, January 27 as part of a boycott.

The term taximio regained strength this weekend when the case of a Russian family that was dropped from the Uber unit was revealed, this caused a tourist to have a crisis, while her children were in her care, this image was outraged on social networks and later became a trend.

This word has been used more and more to define this group of taxi drivers who have made the most important tourist destination in the country visible, but in a negative way, this while the different governments do promotional work abroad.

Source: La Verdad