American resident denounces alleged sexual aggression committed by a Cozumel cab driver


A Mexican tourist residing in the United States denounced alleged sexual aggression committed by a cab driver of the Cozumel taxi driver union, who has been fully identified with vehicle number and first name.

In a video published on Facebook, the young woman describes the driver of cab 759, named Antonio Q., who on Monday, January 23rd, when the events occurred, would have provided them with transportation service, taking the young woman and her friends to different points of the island, ending the tour at a restaurant in the downtown area.

The young tourist has made the complaint through videos where she recounts what happened. Apparently, she hired the services of the taxi driver to visit various places during the day, but at the end of the trip, she paid him, gave him a tip, and the alleged abuser touched her on various parts of her body inappropriately, in addition to trying to kiss her by force. The man, seeing the woman’s reaction, returned the money and asked her not to report what happened.

However, the tourist has made several videos go viral recounting what happened and recommending other people to be careful. “Please be very careful because the people here take advantage. It doesn’t matter if you want to help them (…) the police do nothing and nobody does anything”, says the young tourist in one of the videos, according to Sipse.

Badhi Nahum Sleme Flores, director of Tourism and Economic Development of the City Council, has in their possession the videos of the complaint. Although the name of the complainant is not known, since she already left the country, Efraín Arturo Payan, Secretary General of Taxi Drivers, will give a press conference this Wednesday to give details of the case.

As reported by, the taxi service offered in Cancun is generating a terrible image of the destination internationally. Tourists through social networks state that it is the “most corrupt business in the world” and advise that it is better to use urban transport that, although it is still bad, is cheaper. 

Source: Sipse

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