“We are not going to allow it” Hotel businessmen reject new taxes from 2021


Representatives from the northern area formed a block of businessmen that categorically reject the intention of the State government of Quintana Roo to apply new taxes as of January 2021 and, instead, they proposed among other things, that the government tighten its belt and reduce its current spending as well as the budget assigned to agencies, including the representation of the State government in Mexico City and the Coordination of Social Communication, to generate savings.

Also, the representatives of the various business chambers warned that they will demand their rights and will be permanently demanding federal and local deputies to fulfill their work of legislating without affecting citizens.

During a working meeting at the Finance, Budget and Account Commission the deputy Eduardo Martínez Arcila defended the application of the 10 dollar charge to tourists who enter the state that is intended to be carried out next year and his vote in favor, while Carlos Hernández Blanco indicated that businessmen would be heard, as well as representatives of other economic sectors that demand greater services and social support through the channeling of resources before wishing them a good trip.

The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Owners, Miguel Ángel Lemus Mateos, affirmed that the intention was to dialogue and agree with the deputies to make them aware that the business productive sector cannot bear new taxes and more tax burdens.

“During the pandemic, we have had to tighten our belts to maintain the workforce despite the decline in profits that also forced the working class to reduce wages to not to lay people off”, he said.

He considered that the deputies must understand the need for the government to look for alternative sources to obtain income, but not to continue injuring businessmen who have already been affected by the pandemic.

“We accept, without granting them the reason, that perhaps the charge of 10 dollars per tourist entering Quintana Roo is the best mechanism to attract more income, but I would say that they should look for those who are not paying taxes when entering Quintana Roo, for example, cruise ship tourists ”, he stated.

During the meeting with the deputies, the business sector proposed that the executive reduce his current spending and that, like businessmen, tighten his belt.

Eduardo Galavis Ibarra considered that the state should reduce the salaries of its officials by up to 30 percent to cover other expenses and consider the budget reduction assigned to certain agencies.

The businessmen affirmed that at this time and taking into account the economic impact caused by the pandemic, the application of new taxes is not justified.

Roberto Cintrón warned that by applying the 0.35 percent charge to the Payroll Tax, those affected will be the workers due to the impossibility of maintaining jobs to pay taxes.

He stated that it is laughable and offends the intelligence of the business sector when they hear statements that Quintana Roo will not be injured.

Source: Noticaribe

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