Tourists refuse to buy tours after the minor’s death in Xenses, Xcaret


Quintana Roo tour operators declare that sales of attraction-related packages have declined after the death of a child in Xcaret.

The tour agencies of Playa del Carmen report a drop in sales of packages related to attractions of Grupo Experiencias Xcaret, after the death of a child in the Grupo Xcaret’s Xenses park.

According to interviews carried out in these establishments in various parts of the tourist area, most Mexican tourists refuse to purchase a package from this company’s parks; while foreigners, who are not aware of the situation, still buy the tours.

“People keep asking about tours, especially Xplor and Xcaret, but sales are down because we believe that the word has already spread, the Mexicans prefer not to participate in any Xcaret activity. As soon as the news about the boy’s death came out on social networks, many people stopped buying the Xcaret tours, ” said Maribel, a tour vendor near Mamitas beach.

The decrease, according to the information provided, is between 40% and 70% with respect to what they sold before the tragedy occurred, they also highlighted that other attractions outside of Xcaret, are selling better than ever.

Likewise, they regretted the situation that damaged the image of these tourist products because many visitors only approach tour operators to ask about what happened.

Isabel Aragón, a tour sales representative in Playa del Carmen, stated that before the Easter holidays, there was a lot of expectation of selling the Xcaret attractions, however, as a result of what happened, sales of that particular company (Grupo Xcaret) descended significantly.

“On the internet, they have very bad publicity right now, many people are aware of what happened there. And many of them are saying things like: “No, don’t go to Xcaret because they kill children”, said the interviewee.

For Alex Jiménez, dedicated to the same commercial activity in the Riviera Maya, in addition to highlighting the drop in sales of Xcaret attractions, he calls for justice to clarify the death of the minor.

“Justice must be done for the family more than anything, because Grupo Xcaret is too powerful, and is never going to lose,” said Alex.

Source: SIPSE

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