Sales in the Tulum archaeological zone have dropped by 50 percent.


The low season has been clearly felt by the various businesses located in the squares of the Tulum archaeological zone, as sales have fallen by up to 50 percent compared to their usual levels.

Gilmert Chacón, in charge of the Infotours agency, stated that the fluctuation in the number of tourists, while not negligible, does not translate into a significant increase in the purchase of excursions to visit Tulum’s iconic tourist sites.

He pointed out that the low season has hit the businesses located in commercial areas hard, where sales have stagnated, not exceeding 50 percent of their usual capacity.

Chacón declared that this situation has caused concern among local merchants, who rely heavily on tourist flow to keep their businesses afloat.

“We can see that the tourist flow varies, but it doesn’t boost the purchase of excursions to visit Tulum’s tourist spots. That’s why we notice that it’s not desirable for the sector,” he emphasized.

Manuel Cab, a crafts vendor, commented that this situation is due to the low purchasing power of both national and foreign visitors, who choose to limit their expenses to essentials such as food, lodging, and a few other activities.

Since early April, they have seen a decline in sales, except for weekends when there have been holidays. He considers that the decrease in tourists’ purchasing power reflects a combination of various factors, so they urge authorities to explore creative alternatives to attract more visitors and maintain the viability of their businesses.

Source: La Jornada Maya