Playa del Carmen police out of control, assaulting tourist becomes the norm


By Tony’s Travels

My friend and I were robbed last night by the police in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It happened on 5th avenue, in the club and tourist district as we walked home from a fun night out. So is Playa Del Carmen safe?

We had no drugs, nor did we plan to buy any. But the three police who initially stopped us used this excuse as a reason to detain, search, and rob us of our money.

I lost over $2000 pesos ($100 usd approx) and he lost around $400 pesos (from multiple searches).

Is this how Playa Del Carmen truly is? Where if you walk home from a night of dancing you will be harassed, searched, kidnapped, and robbed by the people who are supposed to be protecting you? Shame on Playa Del Carmen for allowing this to happen. The world needs to know how unsafe and unwelcome tourists are.

Note, we did not break any rules. All we did was walk home. My friend was searched an additional three times on the way home.

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