Night-time recreational activities in Tulum Coastal Area now on curfew


The new schedule came into force gradually from Friday, September 23, so the authorities will officially notify the establishments in the area of the agreed measure.

Tulum, Quintana Roo.- Entrepreneurs and the City Council of Tulum, Quintana Roo, agreed to implement a new schedule for nighttime recreational activities in the coastal area of this tourist hub, so now the bars and loud music in the popular hotel tour must end at 12 at

During the Thursday meeting, Tulum City Council was supported by a majority of tourism entrepreneurs to implement a new schedule for nighttime recreational activities in the coastal area.

The new schedule will see alcohol sales in the coastal zone stop at midnight as well as loud music. The city wants to take back its image and preserve Tulum as Wonders of the Caribbean.

Tulum Mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal, along with treasurer Diego Castañón Trejo, led the meeting in which companies and tourism service providers supported the measure to recover being a peaceful Wonders of the Caribbean.

The businessmen of Tulum showed that they prioritize the tranquility and security of the destination with the agreement reached with the city council to restrict hours and parties in the coastal area, an initiative that came into force last weekend, said Diego Castañón Trejo, treasurer municipal.

They reported that the new alcohol sales and noise schedule will be implemented slowly. Businesses in the coastal area were notified of the new changes on Friday. Authorities from Tulum City Hall will continue to notify and remind coastal zone businesses of the new agreed-upon schedule, while the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection will fulfill it.

Tulum City Council Treasurer Diego Castañón Trejo explains the new measures during the Thursday meeting. Photo: Tulum City Council

Businessmen have also agreed to monitor noise, ensuring it does not exceed 65 decibels. During the meeting, businessmen felt that entrepreneurs have to join the way of Tulum and not try to manipulate Tulum to suit them.

Here are the details of the new schedule:

  • Music at its maximum volume, without going over 65 decibels; sale of alcoholic beverages and food (00:00 hours)
  • Total closure and lights off (01:00 hours)

The government of Quintana Roo, together with the authorities of Tulum and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) , share the following recommendations in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic regarding best practices for meetings and events at the national and international level. international in the tourism sector.

Diego Castañón Trejo said the new measures being taken by Mayor Duzl Caamal are in response to requests from the sector and will be a way to bring order to the tourist areas.

He said that Duzl Caamal is taking “a big step” in joining forces with the private initiative to achieve the transformation. Carla Andrade Piedras, Director of the Tulum Hotel Association, called the change “excellent news” that will solve many problems.

“Without a doubt, this benefits the destination. Historically, Tulum was created for honeymooners, people looking to relax, rest, and for adventure tourism. It was not a party destination,” she said adding that the new measures will add order and ensure other guests are not disturbed.

Asked if there will be sanctions in the event that a business refuses to comply with the instructions, he indicated that they would be fined or, if warranted, closures would be applied.

He ruled out the cancellation of events in the coastal area, “that they do it with an order with the sale of alcohol and music levels. It is nothing more than doing it with an order and that the decibels do not rise because there are adjoining hotels that deserve respect and tranquility.


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