Real estate Tiburones Inmobiliarios presents known real estate notario and fraudster at Forum 194


With a black history, Aníbal Pedrero was presented as a figure of the country’s Real Estate industry in the event organized by Tiburones Inmobiliarios .

The page specializing in real estate Tiburones Inmobiliarios, located in Veracruz, organized an open and free forum called Forum 194; How should I prepare for NOM 247? In which Aníbal Pedrero participated, a notary public who operated in Quintana Roo and who is currently undergoing criminal proceedings for a real estate fraud of more than 12 million dollars.

As if it were a personality from the real estate world, Forum 194 presented a two-hour presentation through the YouTube streaming platform in which the alleged person involved in the millionaire fraud gave his opinion on the issue of NOM 247.

Aníbal Pedrero has an extensive negative history, he has passed through Mexican banking institutions where he committed, according to the records, frauds from which he took advantage and a fortune, such is the case of Banamex, he has operated illegally and has committed fraud in Mexico and has supported others in Quintana Roo.

Mega fraud in Nayarit

In 2009 Aníbal Pedrero committed one of the most notorious cases of fraud in the country by selling a property in the Riviera Nayarit with a commercial value at that time of more than 12 million dollars.

In this transaction, “the star” of Foro 194 de Tiburones Inmobiliarios took advantage of his knowledge and asked for a million pesos as an advance on the purchase, but at that time, it was investigated and it turned out that he had already sold that same coastal land to the giant hotelier RIU, for which he initiated a legal process that in 2011 would lead to the arrest of Aníbal Pedrero.

Pedrero was arrested in Quintana Roo and since then his image has not been well seen, until this week the Real Estate Sharks group decided that the character of dubious reputation would be perfect to lead the presentation and they allowed him to speak and comment on his experience for more than two hours, he being the person with the longest time to speak.

The video is freely maintained on YouTube and has about a thousand views, this is on the Real Estate Sharks channel, which has more than 5 thousand subscribers, on Instagram it has almost the same number of followers, and they have Twitter and Facebook, Therefore, it represents a great opportunity for a fraudster to share their experiences and be recognized for doing so.

Along his path or trajectory, Aníbal Pedrero has used money and contacts to flout the law, as happened in 2009 when, through alleged acts of corruption, he managed to get rid of the fraud sentence, by the Judge of Bucerías in the municipality of Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, exonerated the aforementioned from any guilt, however, a Jalisco judge gave a setback two years later and ordered his capture.

By 2017, notaries 1 and 116 in Quintana Roo in the name of Aníbal Pedrero Loaiza and Jorge Delgado Ramírez, were supposedly revoked when they were involved in the dispossession and falsification of documents to benefit former officials, this was during the government period of Roberto Borge Ángulo, former governor of Quintana Roo currently in prison.


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