Mexican Caribbean challange at Easter will be the keep beaches clean of sargassum


The Governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín, said that to deal with the sargassum phenomenon and maintain the largest number of clean beaches during the Easter season, work is being done in coordination between the three levels of government, the private sector, and service providers. travel services.

Carlos Joaquín added that we still have a lot to learn about sargassum, but the participation of society is also required and that we all can contribute to cleaning the beaches, especially now that a large volume of algae is expected to arrive.

During the Walking Together program, it was reported that this day there was a work meeting in Mahahual, with service providers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and municipal authorities, where they were informed of the attention strategies and requested their collaboration.

Mariana García, liaison coordinator for the strategy, explained that this meeting allowed us to continue adding efforts to address this phenomenon.

Rear Admiral Alejandro López Zenteno explained that 500 meters of the anti-sargassum barrier has been installed in front of these beaches and it is expected that the bad weather will subside to advance much further. Sargacera boats are already working on almost all the beaches in the state.

The Secretary of Tourism, Bernardo Cueto Riestra, added that the unit will monitor the progress of these tasks to inform tourists and visitors in a timely manner.

The municipal president of Othón P. Blanco, Yensunni Martínez announced that she has committed to an emerging employment program to contribute to the cleaning of the beaches of Mahahual, but indicated that the participation of the private, hotel, restaurant and restaurant sectors is required. society in general.

Governor Carlos Joaquín specified that it is a natural phenomenon that is practically impossible to stop, but that there is a whole strategy for its attention. “We have to be very clear about this and as a society we must unite. You have to look for cleaning options, because large volumes can be lifted, but more arrives and it seems that nothing is done, “explained the head of the Executive.

He recalled that last year 45 thousand tons of sargassum were collected on land and up to 90 thousand tons in past years. “We are looking for alternatives to avoid economic damage as much as possible,” said Carlos Joaquín.

In relation to the Easter holiday season, State Civil Protection Coordinator Alfredo Suárez announced that the security operation will be starting on April 8, with the participation of authorities from the three levels of government.

It will hold meetings in the various municipalities to establish security measures, prevent accidents and so that tourists and visitors come to Quintana Roo in complete safety.

The sanitary bubbles will continue in Punta Cancun, in order to continue guaranteeing the health of the people of Quintana Roo and of those who come to vacation.

In terms of health, Governor Carlos Joaquín explained that the state epidemiological traffic light remains green due to the low levels of the infection rate and hospital occupancy due to covid-19.

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