Man and child shot to death in Cozumel


A man and his approximately 10-year-old son were shot dead in a direct attack that occurred early Monday morning in the Municipality of Cozumel, Quintana Roo, according to local reports. Sergio “D,” whom authorities identified as a suspected participant in criminal matters on the island, was shot while parking at a convenience store in the Maravilla neighborhood.

The vehicle was targeted at least 10 times with firearms on Zamná Avenue and 75th Street, resulting in the death of the child and leaving another girl in the back seat seriously injured, requiring hospitalization.

The double homicide occurred less than 600 meters from the location of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) headquarters. The FGE stated that it has initiated an investigation into the murders.

“Initial investigations indicate that this incident is related to drug-related offenses, as the deceased adult was a high-priority target in the criminal atlas, involved in drug trafficking and homicides on the island,” the FGE clarified in a statement.

“Additionally, it is reported that a girl is hospitalized with injuries, and her condition is stable.”

Source: Reforma