Gunshots in Tulum: a wounded person is reported near the ‘Pavo Real’ hotel


Authorities issued a bulletin indicating that criminal gangs have been waging internal battles in the municipality.

Citizens began the Monday with bullets. Around 7:00 in the morning of this April 3, firearm detonations were reported on the Tulum-Playa Del Carmen highway.

For this reason, agents of the Quintana Roo Police and the municipality went to review the report at kilometer 237 of federal highway 307, near the “Pavo Real” hotel.

Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities found a person wounded by a gunshot, for which they requested the emergency number 911 for the intervention of the medical service.

After a short wait, paramedics from the Costamed company arrived to provide first aid to the victim and later transfer her to the hospital for surgery.

At the moment, it is unknown how the events happened. Ministerial agents will go to the hospital to interview the injured person to attach his statement to the investigation folder.

The case could be related to organized crime operating in the state, but it will be the competent authorities who confirm the case.

Tulum ensures “law and order” in the face of alleged “war” by criminal gangs

On April 1st, the municipality of Tulum issued a statement saying that in view of the recent violent events, the authorities assured that alleged criminal gangs have been waging internal battles to gain control of the municipality.

In addition, they ruled out that this situation puts the people of Tulum and foreign visitors at risk.

Source: Sipse