Foreign tourist denounced alleged case of extortion at the Cancun airport


The traveler was detained along with 28 people for 2 hours and INM agents demanded they pay $4,000.

Winter vacations have begun, and it is well known that thousands of tourists arrive in the Mexican Caribbean to enjoy its beaches and good weather. However, abuses are also increasing, such is the case reported by a traveler of Romanian origin residing in Spain through TikTok. Who narrated how he suffered from alleged corruption act by personnel of the National Institute of Migration (INM) at the Cancun International Airport.

The user identified on the platform as @immariomocanu published his storytime in a video that has already reached 512,000 views so far, with thousands of reactions and comments that have already made it go viral. Mario Mocanu began the video clip with a rather sad and discouraged face, the bad experience began when the authorities at passport control told them that they could not pass, for no reason. “They didn’t give us any reason or anything and that’s it,” he said.

The tourist narrated that there were a total of 28 people including him, who were kept locked up for two hours in a 4-meter room, without being able to go to the bathroom, drink water or eat. Which was very worrying, because among the detainees was a pregnant woman and there were small children.

Finally, they gave us a flight back to Madrid, where the police accompanied us as if we were, criminals or something. So that in the end they tell us that we should have paid

Given that indication by a police officer, Mario Mocanu questioned him about that payment, since they had already paid for and reserved round-trip flights, as well as lodging and activities in Cancun. However, the security element clarified that it was a necessary payment, he did not really give him a specific reason, but what he allegedly insinuated is that it was a kind of “quota” so that they would let them pass into Mexican territory.

And the policeman told me,” it’s not like if you pay 4 thousand dollars we’ll let you pass. But as a person, all of us who were there. He told us 4 thousand dollars per person and you can pass”

The foreigners in detention argued that they did not have such an amount of money and once again the user who made the complaint on TikTok asked the police what would happen to them if they agreed to pay the requested money. To which the policeman replied that the money was “a tax” that they had to pay to the police there to let them pass.

You already know what that is called, I don’t want to say the name because they are going to block my Instagram

Finally, Mario assured that he does not feel bad about the money spent on his vacations just to get to the airport, but rather the bad experience they had to live, because they really wanted to see Mexico.

The information was shared by @iammariomocanu on December 20 and the following day due to the impact of his experience, he shared another post on TikTok again. Where he reiterated that he was not seeking any type of compensation, he only sought to make known what happened so that this type of action does not happen again.

Nor do I want to influence the image of tourism in Mexico or Cancun. But it is a somewhat worrisome situation

But the story does not end there, but the Mexican authorities issued a report about what happened and what was said by the foreigner. Where Federal Agents of the Migration Institute (INM) released different information than the statements made by the traveler.

The authorities affirm that in the interview the tourist declared, “I I was going to stay a month in Cancun and that I did not have money or a credit card either.”

Mario denied what was published by INM and said that he planned to vacation for only one week, had a reserved hotel room, a return ticket to Madrid and two bank cards from Spain. “It’s a shame, because instead of solving the problem and seeing what really happened, they are trying to hide what really happened, it’s very sad.”

Source: Infobae