Cenote diving activity must be regulated by Civil Protection in the municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo


Tulum, Quintana Roo. — The Directorate of Civil Protection along with divers are hoping to have the service regularized in order to prevent pseudo professionals from providing services that occasionally end in tragedy.

Ruben Alvarado Dirección de Protección Civil Tulum says they are hoping to regularize area divers who offer cenote dives. The idea is to identify the divers who provide service in Tulum. He says that in Tulum there have been regrettable events due to pseudo divers, who by providing a service, do not guarantee the safety of visitors.

He explained that the meetings held with businessmen and providers of these diving services is for the purpose of everyone to gather ideas that, in the end, will continue to catapult Tulum as the world capital of diving since in recent years it has gained prestige.

Earlier this month, a proposal was made to certify and charge divers up to 6,000 pesos to be identified and registered as a certified cenote diver. The post was made after a meeting was held with BUCEMA where it was proposed that divers could only provide their services after a Civil Protection endorsement.

Source: RMT