Canadian murdered at Hotel Xcaret was wanted for money laundering in Canada (video)


The male whose passport identified him as Robert James Dinh had a long criminal record in Canada. The Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that this subject was allegedly accused of drug trafficking, false use of identity, money laundering, among others.

Tomas Cherukara and Robert Dinh lie on the restaurant floor…both died shortly after

According to information published in 2019 by Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun newspaper, Robert Dinh or Cong Dinh, then 32 years old, was wanted mainly for the crime of money laundering.

At that time, it was believed that Dinh had fled to Vietnam, so the Canadian Police (RCMP) in coordination with the Be On the Lookout (BOLO) program offered a $50,000 reward for anyone who would help arrest Cong Dinh, a suspect. of money laundering in a member of the Vietnamese organized crime group that operates in Canada and the United States.

The survivor was identified as Jessica Sahadee, the three Canadians and the murderer was after them

Authorities alleged, “that Dinh and the Vietnamese organized crime group to which he belonged laundered millions of dollars of drugs trafficked on Canadian streets.”

Keith Finn of the Canadian Police said the criminal organization “was allegedly transporting ecstasy and marijuana to the southern US and cocaine to northern Canada” and had affiliates in California, Mexico, Australia, Vietnam and across Canada. .

He said: “We are committed to continued collaboration with our domestic and international partners and hope that this new relationship with the BOLO Program will be the key to locating Dinh so that he can be returned to Canada to face these charges.”

Dinh’s home in Goring Street, Burnaby, was raided by the RCMP in 2013 in connection with the joint US-Canadian investigation.
The murdered today had five charges of laundering the proceeds of crime and one charge of possession of the proceeds of crime.

The murderer has not yet been located, the authorities ask the public for help to find him

U.S. court documents indicate that undercover police officers from both sides of the border infiltrated Nguyen’s Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) as early as 2009.

The documents describe Dinh as working for Nguyen, who bragged in wiretaps phone lines to have the best prices for cocaine, “BC bud” and ecstasy.

Nguyen “arranged the transfer of drug trafficking proceeds from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Orange County, California, through a hawala funds transfer (an alternative remittance system that transfers money without the physical or electronic transfer of funds). ),” the US indictment says.

Dinh provided an RCMP undercover operator with hundreds of thousands of Canadian dollars for each transaction, which would be converted into US funds and left in public places such as Starbucks and McDonald’s in California.

Today Robert Dinh or Cong Dinh was killed by a gunman at the Xcaret Hotel on the Riviera along with another man identified as Thomas Cherukara.

So far the murderer remains at large but the authorities continue to search for him.

Regarding the violent events, Grupo Xcaret regrets what happened and assured that they are providing support to the victims and their families.

They also expressed that they are collaborating with the authorities to clarify what happened.


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