Belize reopens its border with Mexico after almost two years closed due to pandemic


After almost two years of being closed due to the pandemic, thousands of Belizeans are expected to enter the state capital under sanitary measures.

After two years of being closed, Belize opened its border with Mexico, which will benefit commerce in Chetumal, waiting for the free entry of thousands of Belizeans who make purchases in Mexican territory.

The Minister of Health and Welfare, Kevin Bernard, confirmed that the opening will be from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., which will give Belizeans 16 hours to be on Mexican soil, mainly in Chetumal.

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Until before the pandemic, about 30,000 Belizeans entered Mexico who entered Chetumal by land, and would be visiting the state capital again starting this Monday, February 7, with the reopening of its borders and with which it is expected gradually strengthen the Mexico-Belize economic, migratory and bilateral dynamics.

The honorary consul of Belize in Quintana Roo, Luis Gilberto Montero Maldonado, highlighted in this regard that, regarding the health issue, through the Ministry of Health, the Belizean government is prepared to reopen its borders and for which they issued various guidelines on health and immigration matters.

“The flow of Belizeans to Chetumal is going to increase, but it is not going to be the same amount, it is going to be much less,” added the consul, noting that, as part of this, the consul reported that the opening hours of the border, since it will now be from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Chetumal time.

Likewise, he indicated that all Belizeans who want to leave their country must be vaccinated and, on the other hand, those who spend the night outside their territory will have to take the covid-19 test at the border to enter again; likewise, it was established that permits will no longer be given to enter and leave Belize for three days, as was done previously.

The consul indicated that to enter this country people will have to have a passport and, gradually, those who have their regional visitor’s card that is processed in Subteniente López, on the Mexican side, will be able to do so. As for the foreigner who wishes to enter Belize by vehicle, he pointed out that it will not be possible to enter with a visitor’s card, since there will be no one to stamp the unit at customs.

Finally, he pointed out that, as of February 15, the foreigner will have to buy at the border, in addition to paying the 50 dollars for the rapid test, 18 dollars to buy covid-19 medical insurance, with this it seeks to protect the foreigner during 21 days of stay in this country, for a total amount of 50 thousand dollars for said coverage, according to the official.

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Reopens border crossing of Subteniente López; there is flow from early

With a constant flow of people, the land border crossing in Subteniente López between Mexico and Belize shines today, reopened after more than 23 months of being suspended, due to the covid-19 pandemic. From an early hour, Belizeans have entered Chetumal and vice versa, in constant numbers, although without generating lines.

Before the arrival of the covid-19 virus, about 30,000 Belizeans entered Chetumal by land. According to estimates from the consulate of the neighboring country, a third of that figure can be expected in this start-up; that is, about five thousand people, who used to do their shopping in this city, which will be an incentive for local businesses.

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