Hard blow to Grupo Xcaret, they will not be allowed to use Mayan symbols in their park or website


Xcaret will have to stop using the Mayan symbols on its website and in the park, after losing an appeal due to the amparo filed by the National Institute of Copyright (Indautor).

Despite the fact that Xcaret sought the protection of the Second Collegiate Court, of the Twenty-seventh Judicial Circuit based in Cancun, the appeal was considered unfounded, so it will have to stop using the elements of the Mayan culture, a great blow for the parks since they have based their attractions in the Mayan culture.

The Third District Court determined that the park must “withdraw from circulation and exhibition, the documents and promotional materials in any medium, in which elements of the Mayan cultural heritage are used. (…) Refrain from publishing in any media and trading (…) in any modality, products, and services with Mayan characteristics or based on Mayan cosmogony”, indicates file 92/2023 of indirect injunction trial.

For its part, Xcaret sent a statement to REPORTUR.mx to make its position explicit. In this regard, he points out that he is in dialogue with Indautor in the middle of an administrative process that has not yet concluded.

Xcaret indicates that the resolution of the collegiate court does not rule on the fact that Grupo Xcaret may or may not use elements of the Mayan culture. The 2nd Collegiate Court of the 27th Judicial Circuit issued a resolution indicating that the administrative procedure has not concluded, therefore, the injunction filed by Grupo Xcaret was dismissed due to the procedural moment in which it was filed.

Recently, the Mexican government promulgated a new law that regulates the relationship between any entity that uses traits of native cultures and peoples for its commercial or business purpose. As it is a new regulation, “Grupo Xcaret is in the process of analyzing each consideration established in it since we have the firm conviction of abiding by it, in respect and for the benefit of all those involved,” says the company.

Grupo Xcaret recently announced in April some news regarding its theme parks and the expansion of one of its hotels. In this sense, the company reported at the time that by June of this year, it will open a new attraction in the Xplor park, incorporating a segment of slides with a wave pool, this being an added value for this summer.

Source: Reportur

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