Without authorization: taxi drivers charge excessive fares to passengers in Cancun


The charges of excessive fares by taxi drivers in Cancun persist in the course of 2024, where even the prices are higher than in 2023 despite the fact that the fares have not officially changed.

In different uses of the service of the taxis of the Taxi Drivers’ Union “Andrés Quintana Roo”, it was proven that the operators try to charge at least 20 pesos more than last year for traveling the same distances, either from the north or south of the city to the center, and vice versa.

The distances that for last year cost between 60 and 80 pesos, currently try to be charged at 80 pesos or even more than 100 pesos.

According to the drivers, the reasons for charging more expensive is because their union authorizes it, as well as factors such as traffic, the time of day, the rain, the distance to reach the destination, and the route that the units must take to return to populated areas, even after finishing a trip.

In addition, certain drivers of the union have claimed that they do not operate with a fare schedule, despite the fact that they must all have it available according to indications from the Andrés Quintana Roo union, and even use the rates of the transport applications, although they are not private services.

It should be noted that according to the Mobility Law of the State of Quintana Roo, it corresponds only to the Mobility Institute of Quintana Roo (Imoveqroo), to issue the rates to which the provision of public transport service in the state is subject.

Manuel Jesús Puerto Castillo, delegate of Imoveqroo in Benito Juárez, commented that in case citizens have an excessive charge of fares they must go to the delegation.

This is to file a complaint in writing and then the agency proceeds to bring both parties together, the affected and the denounced.

Already in the appearance, the versions of both parties are heard, verify facts and apply some sanction.

It should be mentioned that according to information from Imoveqroo, in the course of this year, drivers of collective transport routes in the state have already been sanctioned, for raising their rates.

Source: Sipse