Tulum hotel accused of allowing tourists to give alcoholic beverages to a donkey for fun


Pictures posted on social networks shows how the Hotel Zulum Beach uses “Sancho the donkey” for the entertainment of its visitors, even the advertising posters shows the animal drinking a cocktail.

In the last hours the Hotel Zulum Beach Club, located in the paradisiacal city of Tulum, in Quintana Roo, has become viral on social networks, but not for the comfort of its facilities or quality of service, but animal abuse.

Several users of social networks have come together to denounce and exhibit that the hotel in question exploits a donkey named “Sancho” for the entertainment of visitors.

In images posted on social networks, it can be seen how national and foreign tourists give the animal to drink from soft drinks, beers, and even cocktails such as margaritas. It is even seen in the advertising photos of this lodging center and they even opened an Instagram account for the donkey.

“It is not worth getting him drunk for fun, he is not a buffoon and also alcohol hurts him”

It is worth mentioning that in the opinions an suggestions box of the same hotel, there were already complaints from visitors who saw the poor conditions in which they have the donkey:

“A few years ago I was there and the little donkey stepped on some glass… the point is that he wouldn’t stop screaming and walking all over the place, from the beach to the street, and for hours we were there, nobody came to help him. We mentioned it to the receptionists and they didn’t know what to say and only mentioned that it wasn’t theirs. “

“I hope they take care of Sancho and do not expose him to exploitation.”

After learning these facts, the staff of the Tierra de Animales Sanctuary, sent a message to the hotel to ask that the donkey be delivered, so that it can have a dignified life since in this place they rescued another animal of the same species, which also suffered from the abuse of their owners.
“Please help me write in the most respectful way possible to the owners of the Hotel so that they can have mercy on this little donkey and allow him to come to live in Tierra de Animales, in the company of Einstein, another rescued donkey. Also, that this message reaches the competent authorities, in case they do not want to bring it, the hotel knew that several laws are being broken here ”published the activist Ricardo Pimentel.

In an interview with Diario de Yucatán, the association pointed out that there is a complaint and they have requested the rescue of the animal, but according to the “authorities” when they come to inspect the place, the animal is not there, so they may hide it.

However, Enrique Rodríguez Luna, Secretary-General of the Tulum City Council announced that an inspection visit has already been scheduled on this matter.

According to the Tierra de Animales sanctuary, it is not the first time that the hotel has used a donkey for entertainment purposes (Photo: Facebook / Ricardo Pimentel Cordero)

“As soon as we were aware of this abuse, the director of Ecology of the municipality of Tulum agreed to visit the scene of the events to compile a file to the extent that corresponds to the city council, we will report animal abuse integrating a file to make the corresponding complaints with all state instances, “he specified.

So far the hotel has not commented on the matter, although it has deleted some publications about the donkey.

The Animal Protection and Welfare Law of Quintana Roo establish penalties and fines against those who deprive of light, food, water, space, and adequate accommodation that could damage the physical integrity of an animal; and to have an animal ingest alcoholic beverages or supply drugs without therapeutic or scientific research purposes.

Source: infobae.com

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