Tulum fear bad image of the airport by the transporters


At the new Tulum airport, transporters abuse the fares, so businessmen fear that this will affect the image not only of the air terminal, but of the entire Mexican Caribbean.

The vice president of the Mexican Caribbean Hotel Council (CHCM), David Ortiz Mena, pointed out that the fares of taxis and tourist vans exceed in some cases the Airport Use Fee (TUA) or the price of plane tickets, which for a visitor becomes strange.

“They also damage the image of the destination, counteracting the promotion efforts, reason why it is urgent to address the problem,” Ortiz said, as collected by Quintana Roo Hoy.

Likewise, Ortiz added that the transport service is “expensive and deficient” adding the excess time in the displacement after the destruction left by the Maya Train in the area. He also warned that “for the airport to be viable, it must be accessible in a reasonable time and at an affordable cost”, and commented that, if the problem is not fixed, the international airlines that start operations in March, will regret it.

For their part, the hoteliers of the Riviera Maya and Tulum, and travel agencies, have stated that if they do not fix the issue of the transporters’ fares, they will stop promoting the airport.

Ortiz commented “the visitor cares little about the circumstances of regulations with the transporters; what they see is an expensive and deficient service, very different from what they are used to in their places of origin”.

Source: Reportur