Tourists from Brazil forget about Cancun, they need a visa


The hotel sector highlighted that one of the most important markets is being given away for diplomatic decisions.

Tourism from Brazil already represents a 60% drop after the implementation of the visa in this market, which even led to it falling of the top 10 of the main visitors last year.

Jesús Almaguer Salazar, president of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association, explained that now they only have one flight to the Mexican Caribbean and that is why they will even seek for the president to expedite and facilitate the process that allows them to recover travelers.

“We do not want them to remove the visa, simply what has been asked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to facilitate access with an electronic visa, to let them enter in the country and treat them well, otherwise the market is having a significant drop”, he added.

In addition, he pointed out that one of the most important markets is being given away to competing destinations, and of the six weekly flights that were with Brazil, now there is only one.

Brazilian tourists represent the minority

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Tourism, in 2021 155,096 visitors arrived at the destination from Brazil, by 2022 there were 141,144 tourists, that is, a 9% drop due to the measure of visa implementation; However, this year the situation has already escalated and tourists from this country now represent the minority.

“Until now there is no argument to facilitate the visa, and although we have exposed the case to Foreign Relations, the policy of tourist visas is an issue that comes directly from the presidency, so we will have to go in the morning to ask the president to facilitate the visas”, he added.

Promotion actions are carried out from the private initiative, although they are affected by diplomatic decisions.

Source: Novedades Quintana Roo