Tourist dies as he fell from a fifith floor balcony in a Cancun hotel

Photo: Quinto Poder

A man that has been identified as a tourist in the city of Cancun, died after falling from the balcony of a hotel. The fall happened around 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 11th, at a hotel located on Kilometer 13.5 of the Hotel Zone.

Emergency medical services transferred the man to the hospital where he died shortly after arrival. Police are investigating the circumstances around the fall. According to preliminary information, the man was a national tourist staying at the hotel. It is not clear how he fell from the fifth floor.

Hotel staff found him on a section of the concrete sidewalk below the balcony and immediately called 911. Responding paramedics reported locating him with a pulse and transferred him to a private hospital where he died.

Police are investigating if his fall was intentional or accidental and if he was under any influences at the time.

Source: Quinto Poder

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