There are already businessmen interested in investing in the Cancun Light Train that could run along Huayacan Avenue instead of the Hotel Zone: SEDETUS


CANCÚN, MX.- The secretary of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (SEDETUS), Armando Lara De Nigris, confirmed that there is interest from some businessmen that want to invest in the Light Train project that is intended to build in Cancun to improve mobility and that this could cross the Huyacán avenue.

It is a transport that will connect with the city, it has been presented to the Undersecretary of the Secretary of Communications and Transport Infrastructure (SICT), Rogelio Jiménez Pons, and the most viable route is already being analyzed.

“This Light Train project, the truth is that we are analyzing it as a state authority in terms of mobility, but what we have received are options and proposals from businessmen, private companies to get into this issue, it is very important, very necessary but We have to analyze and see what the need for Benito Juárez is so that it really helps us with mobility,” he stated.

He recalled that the idea at first was for this Cancun Light Train to connect the International Airport with the center and the Hotel Zone, but since a large population is concentrated in the south of the city, the ideal would be for it to run along Huayacán Avenue.

Likewise, they will be asking the managers of the Cancun international airport to contribute with ideas to enrich the project and based on this, make the best decision of the route that it would have.

Source: Noticaribe