The 9 Best Restaurants in Tulum According to the Michelin Guide


Tulum, with its white sandy beaches and bohemian atmosphere, has become a paradise not only for nature lovers and nightlife enthusiasts but also for foodies and gastronomic critics. As a culinary destination, Tulum has attracted attention worldwide. Let’s explore the essential Tulum restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide.

  1. Arca Tulum
    • Known for its micro-seasonal cuisine that reflects the local flora and fauna.
    • Dishes are designed for sharing, following the Mexican tradition of communal dining.
    • Open-fire cooking is fundamental to their menu.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Spider crab flauta: Coconut and crab soup, yucca flauta, chive emulsion, and caviar.
      • Grilled shrimp: Made with morita chili, plantain vinegar, shrimp butter, and manzano chili ferment.
  2. Mestixa
    • Fuses Asian Street food and Mexican cuisine while respecting the authenticity of each.
    • Eating with hands is part of the experience, honoring the ancestral connection between the two gastronomies.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Shrimp and crab wonton with Thai green curry.
      • Waffle Taco: Yuzu semifreddo, dried plum, and caramelized white chocolate.
  3. Casa Banana
    • With Argentine roots, it offers a warm and rustic ambiance where food takes center stage.
    • Their wood-fired kitchen imparts flavor to cuts of meat, fish, and vegan options.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Roasted short rib: Slow-cooked with black pepper sauce and domino potatoes.
      • Grilled asparagus: Topped with balsamic emulsion, goat cheese, and crispy garlic chips.
  4. Autor
    • Located in Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, it specializes in contemporary Mexican haute cuisine.
    • Chef Jersaí Miranda Sánchez elevates traditional dishes with modern techniques.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Smoked duck: Duck breast with cabbage foam, lime, duck and sour orange juice, and pickled purple spring onions.
      • Pink mole: Raspberry mousse with coconut financier, almond, pine nut praline, and freeze-dried raspberry.
  5. Cetli
    • Situated on the outskirts of Tulum, it offers an authentic Mayan experience in a colorful rustic setting.
    • Chef Claudia Pérez Rivas creates dishes that reflect the gastronomic heritage of the region.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Yeyetzi: Fish prepared in tamarind sweet and sour sauce.
      • Lime Metzli: Chicken breast stuffed with plantains, black plantain mole, sesame, and sour cream.
  6. Hartwood
    • Based on local and sustainable ingredients, it uses open-fire cooking techniques.
    • The menu changes daily based on available harvests and fresh market ingredients.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Hartwood’s menu varies daily, but it consistently offers innovative and fresh flavors.
  7. Margherita Ristorante
    • Combines traditional Italian recipes with local Yucatán ingredients.
    • Homemade focaccia and Italian wine pairings enhance the gastronomic experience.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Gamberoni in guazzetto: Oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and brandy.
      • Acqua pazza: Garlic, oil, cherry tomatoes, and lemon.
  8. Nü Tulum
    • Inspired by the Mayan word “Nuhuk,” Nü celebrates community, nature, and culinary arts.
    • The menu focuses on local and sustainable ingredients.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Local fish crudo: Citrus salt, green tomato juice with green apple, and local herbs.
      • Caribbean catch of the day: With yucca chips, creamy yucca, and dried chili salsa.
  9. Wild Tulum
    • Pays homage to the Mexican Caribbean landscape with a unique design.
    • Their international menu with a Mexican twist uses fresh local products.
    • Must-Try Dishes:
      • Campeche shrimp: Chorizo, mirepoix, tajín, and Nayarit salsa.
      • Cochinita pork belly: Achiote, rice chicharrón, black lime, and crispy tamal. 9-course tasting menu.

Source: Hot Book