Spring Break: the recommendation of the United States for travel to Cancun


Spring Break vacations are approaching and the most chosen destinations by Americans are Cancun and Puerto Peñasco, in Mexico: the warning from the US government.

Spring break, the period known as Spring Break, is approaching and many tourists decide to travel to the paradisiacal places of Mexico. Two of the most chosen destinations are Cancun and Puerto Peñasco, which have accessible and large beaches. But the US government issued an alert for citizens who plan to visit these areas.

The US State Department and the US Embassy and Consulate in Mexico warned about the violent episodes that took place lately in relation to drug cartels and the recent frequency of reports of attacks and harassment of drivers and passengers of shared trips by taxi drivers.

What is the concern that the US government warned about?

Two of the most demanded destinations by American tourists in Mexico during Spring Break are Cancun and Puerto Peñasco. Regarding the city of the Yucatan Peninsula, it is currently under a Level 2 travel warning from the US State Department, that is, it indicates greater caution when traveling. This is due to the shootings that occurred lately between gangs belonging to the illicit drug business, as it emerged, and that resulted in the injury of tourists and citizens.

Regarding Puerto Peñasco, the authorities warned of a Level 3 notice, which would imply reconsidering your trip. The reason for this alert derived from violent crimes and kidnappings in the state of Sonora.

What are the recommendations that the US government reported for tourists in Mexico?

Limit yourself to pedestrian streets and well-lit tourist areas at night.

Use only federal highway 8, through the Lukeville Port of Entry, to travel to Puerto Peñasco, as it has roadside assistance.

Pay attention to the local media of the place you are traveling to, to be updated on the situation.

Call 911 in case of emergency.

Stay alert to the environment and seek shelter if necessary.

Source: TV Azteca