Sewage overflows in Playa del Carmen


In addition to having a delay in the relocation works of the pumping sump in the federal maritime-terrestrial zone, the concessionary company for the drinking water and drainage service, AGUAKAN, does not solve the problem of the sewage that overflows in the middle of the tourist zone and of beaches.

The most serious thing in the case is that now it is not because of the rains that these black waters overflowed, and that they went directly to the beach area, causing serious environmental damage.

As will be remembered, this sewage overflowed through the sewer located on Constituyentes Avenue with 1 Avenue, in the heart of the tourist area.

But now, these overflows were reported on North 16th Street, right at the access to the area known as El Recodo and where they carry out part of their work for the relocation of the pumping sump that they had to deliver at the end of January and that continue unfinished.

Another of the overflows, occurred in the middle of Fifth Avenue, between 14th and 16th streets, right in the lower part of this emblematic avenue, where the road descends, where the Mandarina’s Café is located, no employee of the company showed up and much less gave explanations for this situation.

When visiting the place, it was found that tourists practically walked on these waters, perceiving the bad odor, and affecting the businesses in the area.

In the case of the beach area, these black waters mixed with the sargassum that recently washed up, so the damage will be greater.

It should be mentioned that the manager of the company, Jorge Montoya, at the time had accused various establishments of being connected to storm drainage and that is what caused such overflows, for which he proposed building a “twin ditch” on the corner of 115 and CTM with which they would supposedly solve the problem, without it being achieved so far.

Source: Por Esto