Alleged extortionists try to burn down a bar in Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen.- Some criminals tried to set fire to a bar in this city today with a homemade bomb that fortunately did not explode. Authorities believe they are extortionists.

Around six in the morning, aboard a motorcycle two subjets tried to set fire to a bar located at 40 Albatros Street, in the Las Brisas neighborhood, where they threw a Molotov bomb, which failed to explode. The object did cause slight damage to a fence made of bamboo.

Agents of the Municipal Police went to the place, who launched themselves in search of these men, without locating them.

Unofficially, police sources indicated that this is probably an extortion attempt against the owner of the place.

Authorities from the State Attorney General’s Office arrived and secured the place, while experts analyzed the explosive device for evidence.

Source: Quinta Fuerza