Security forces raid Tulum in attempts to stop crimewave


They confirm 9 detainees, secure 3 firearms, 21 cocaine, 132 crystal, and 98 marijuana wrappers

As a result of the coordinated operation carried out this Sunday night Tulum, the attorney general, Óscar Montes de Oca, announced that the arrest of 9 people was achieved, 3 firearms were seized, 21 cocaine wrappers, 132 glass and 98 marijuana, for which they have been presented to the control judge.

The above, derived from the violent events that have been recorded in recent months and have placed Tulum as one of the most violent municipalities in the country.

The Attorney General reported that the investigation folder included charges for drug dealing and extortion issues that have occurred in the area.

Asegura FGEQROO 9 sujetos, armas y droga en operativo en Tulum | La Verdad  Noticias

“Derived from some violent events that have happened lately in Tulum, we have implemented a joint operation with the State coordination table for state security, made up of the National Guard, Mexican Army, the Secretariat of the Navy, and Quintana Roo Police, the detainees They have been presented to the public prosecutor and the investigation folder was integrated to determine if the accusation is made before a control judge for crimes against health, ”explained Montes de Oca.

He added that there are sufficient elements to link the detainees to the process, since the possession of the drug for commercial purposes constitutes a crime, in addition to where they were seized and the way in which they were found confirming that the purpose was to commercialize that drug, “That allows us to take his process into preventive detention and we will be integrating these investigation folders so that these subjects in due course are sentenced for the crime against health for commercial purposes,” he added.

The operation was carried out in the public thoroughfare of the Tulum-Boca Paila highway and the central and tourist areas, although he said that some wanted to hide in the establishments, they were taken from there and three of them had firearms.

Finally, he said that this operation is part of the investigations that are carried out derived from the operation that took place last Sunday on Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen, where 26 people were arrested.

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