Quintana Roo beaches are free of Sargasso


Satellite images shared by the European Space Agency reveal a decrease of more than 90% of sargassum in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean because the 2020 sargassum season has concluded

Pueblos Magicos de Mexico - Quintana Roo

The beaches of Quintana Roo were declared free of sargassum for the remainder of the year when registering very low levels of recall of the macroalgae that affects the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean

Foto: EE Archivo.

With a total of 15 sargassum-free beaches and 59 with very low arrivals, authorities of the entity hope that economic activity will continue its reopening in the face of the Covid-19 health contingency, without having to worry about the effects caused by this phenomenon.

Gran perspectiva para Quintana Roo en 2019 » Quinta Fuerza

Meanwhile, they expect it to be until February or March when the 2021 season begins, while, according to the traffic lights of the Cancun Sargasso Monitoring Network, only Playa Coral shows an abundant recall of sargassum and five more located in Puerto Morelos and Cozumel they register a moderate recall. Sargasso-free beaches are located in Isla Mujeres, Chiquilá, Isla Contoy, and Cozumel.

High definition satellite images shared by the European Space Agency (ESA), show a decrease of more than 90 percent of seaweeds in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean that was closed sargasso 2020 season.

Source: excelsior.com.mx, eleconomista.com.mx

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