Mexico, the second country in the Americas with the most cases of measles in 2020


Of the measles cases registered in the country, 69% had not received a vaccine; since May 31 no more have been detected.

From February 28 to May 31, 196 cases of measles were registered in Mexico, a disease that was no longer endemic in Mexico, although the health authorities have efficient processes to control it. 

Most of the cases of measles registered, that is to say, 69% had not received the dose of vaccine against this disease, which is traditionally provided by the country’s public health system. 

“The vaccination program was lowered, as there were no more cases, people said ‘why do we get vaccinated?’ But if there are no more cases, it is very important to get vaccinated to generate this shield for the susceptible population and thereby protect the unvaccinated, ”explained Miriam Veras Godoy, general director of the National Center for Childhood and Adolescent Health.

Mexico is the second country with the most cases in the American continent registered this year, after Brazil, where 7,856 cases have been detected; in third place is Argentina, with 61 cases. 

On May 31, the last case of measles was registered and to date, there are no suspected cases of contagion by measles, so it is considered to be a short outbreak. 

Santa Elizabeth Ceballos Liceaga, director of the Epidemiological Surveillance of Communicable Diseases, explained that unlike Covid-19 with which an infected person has the ability to infect two to three people, a person with measles can infect between 12 and 18 people. 

Health professionals recalled that vaccination in the country is free and invited the population to make use of them. 


The Mexico City Post