Puerta al Mar will give Felipe Carrillo Puerto its own coastal access road


Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo — At some point in the near future, residents of the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto will have their own coastal access road. On Monday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed the Puerta al Mar project.

The Puerta al Mar project will consist of a road that will be approximately 57 kilometers long and allow rapid access to the areas of Playón and Vigía Chico through the jungle.

Mayor Mary Hernández celebrated this historic announcement, which has been the flagship project of her administration.

“In this plan, an artisan road is going to be built from Felipe Carrillo Puerto to Vigía Chico,” reported AMLO on Monday, May 8th, in the presence of Quintana Roo Governor, Mara Lezama from the National Palace in Mexico City.

After the announcement, Mayor Hernández said “Bringing the Puerta al Mar project to our President and Governor was a dream that we finally achieved. It will be a well-done artisan road,” she said.

From the beginning of her administration, Hernández promoted the project as a strategy to promote the sustainable development of the region, respecting biodiversity and providing great growth benefits for the population, tourism and the economy.

According to Hernández, both the President and Governor recently flew over the train track that connected the municipality with Vigía Chico, which years ago was used to transport merchandise during the Chiclero boom, with which the Puerta al Mar project received full Presidential support.

Hernández says this latest project for the region is in addition to the international airport and two Maya Train stations.

She says Felipe Carrillo Puerto has a lot to offer from the Si’an Ka’an Biosphere, Tihosuco, Tepich, X-Pichil, and the Noh Bec lagoon, to the Route of the Churches, cenotes, gastronomy, and great historical events.

In March, Governor Mara Lezama said that the long-awaited request of residents of Felipe Carrillo Puerto to have beach access was slowly being answered. At the time, Lezama said that she managed to negotiate with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador the opening of a road that leads to the coastal zone in that municipality.

Source: El Financiero

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