Playa del Carmen pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife (VIDEO)


Tulum is where Mexicans go to recharge, but Playa del Carmen is where they go to party. This small town with turquoise waters has a vibrant energy.

Exclusive resorts and small boutique hotels share the soft sand of the beaches and offer under-the-sun options like water sports and day clubs  — from the iconic Mamita’s to the chic Coralina at the Grand Hyatt.

The Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) is the main pedestrian street here, covered with restaurants, bars, and shops.

It’s also an ideal location for shopping during the day, whether you’re in the market for crafts or for special editions of luxury brands, and it’s also where the nightlife booms, especially on the weekends.

The options for foodies are endless, from typical seafood like the one served at Los Aguachiles (Aguachile is a spicy dish made of seafood in a “chile prepared water” preparation of chili peppers, lime juice, and vegetables), to eclectic options like Alux, which serves Mayan and Mexican food in an underground cavern, or the Traveler’s Table, a five-course dining experience at the beach club of Punta Venado with just one large table intended to make new friends. 

Source: T+L

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