Over a ton of cocaine aboard aircraft that landed at Chetumal Airport

There is a detained person

An aircraft marked with registration XB-RCF carrying 1.5 tons of cocaine landed in the early morning on the runway of the Chetumal International Airport, one of the crews of foreign origin was detained, while the plane is kept under a strong security device by part of elements of the National Army and the National Guard.

Before 4:30 a.m., an Army helicopter was flying over the area after being alerted by the Comprehensive Air Surveillance System hours before this irregular flight, and it has even transpired that there were shots that forced the aircraft to land.

In the morning conference, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reported that the aircraft was carrying 1.5 tons of drugs.

Avión con tonelada y media de droga, así como un extranjero fueron  asegurados tras aterrizaje de “narco jet” en Aeropuerto de Chetumal

“What happened at dawn today, a plane with a ton and a half of cocaine landed at Chetumal Airport at one in the morning, and one of the people, apparently a foreigner, has already been arrested, but we immediately have information, ”said the president.

'coca' en Chetumal

Hours later, through a statement, the Ministry of National Defense gave details of what happened: “The illegal aircraft began its descent in the state of Quintana Roo, so that troops under the jurisdiction of the 34th Military Zone activated the occupation of tracks and areas of probable landing, which motivated the aircraft to make its descent at Chetumal international airport ”.

The military personnel assured a civilian with a foreign passport, who claimed to be the pilot of the aircraft and has a criminal record; a Hawker aircraft registration XB-RCF, with serial number 258051 (current status) and 54 packages containing a substance with characteristics typical of cocaine, weighing approximately one and a half tons.

The insured would have an estimated price in the North American market of 392 million 812 thousand 500 pesos. The detainee and the insured were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities, pending the chemical report and official weight.

The event occurs just over a month after a jet with a false registration was abandoned on this same runway; Furthermore, it is the eighth aircraft captured south of Quintana Roo, which has led to at least five arrests.

Quintana Roo: aseguran narcoavioneta con cocaína en Chetumal

One of the unofficial versions, in this case, indicates that there were three aircraft detected by the Surveillance System on the banks of the Hondo River.

SIVA,  Sedena plane

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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