Multi-service condominium project under development in Quintana Roo


The president of the Mexican Association of the Real Estate Industry in Quintana Roo (Amiis) María Eugenia Martell Sánchez, affirmed that they will continue to widely develop mixed condominium projects with several commercial premises or small squares in Cancun in 2021.

He explained that in fact there are already more than four or five of these projects in the destination and that those that were in development were stopped by the pandemic.

However, since the beginning of the economic reactivation between 6 or 8 of these developments resumed construction.

Martell Sánchez added that this has been a global trend for several years in which condominiums have premises with services such as medical offices, laundries, pharmacies, dentists, stationery stores, food and other services.

Thus, he explained, the tenants and even the inhabitants of the area would no longer have to be moving towards the center of the city, which reduces the mobility of people and therefore vehicle traffic.

“Such developments can be generated in any part of the city, for example, in the southern part of the municipality, on Guayacán Avenue and we even plan for this year to start one of these mixed projects that include several condominiums with a fairly large commercial plaza. large and even a hospital there ”, he anticipated.

He stated that in view of the construction guidelines in the municipality, what they are looking for is vertical constructions instead of extending the urban area and that is why they want to provide them with services.

“This also generates something like micro commercial areas where there is an opportunity to make investments for a single person with some premises and the services it offers, such as a doctor for example.

“Or also from groups of investors who could put, for example, a series of laboratories for analysis and laundries in each group of condominiums, for example,” he concluded.


The Cancun Post