Moment when a boat in Tulum sinks with tourists on board is shared


What seemed like a fun vacation afternoon in Tulum, Quintana Roo, turned into an event of terror when a group of tourists on a catamaran sank.

The incident was recorded on video, showing how a group of tourists traveling on a local boat gradually sank until they disappeared into the blue waters of the sea.

According to local reports, the boat was carrying at least 10 people on board when the incident occurred on Sunday, March 17, around 3:00 PM. Fortunately, authorities reported that there were no lives to mourn.

Official Confirmation from Civil Protection

The State Coordination of Civil Protection of Quintana Roo confirmed the incident that occurred over the weekend. According to this entity, emergency services responded quickly to the distress call made through the emergency number 911, managing to rescue all the occupants of the vessel, who were unharmed.

The rescue of the tourists was possible thanks to the prompt response of the emergency services, which quickly mobilized to address the situation in the Bacalar Lagoon.

The sudden sinking of the vessel plunged the tourists into a state of uncertainty and distress as they struggled to stay afloat in the waters of the lagoon.

Local authorities have initiated an investigation to determine the exact causes of the sinking of the vessel in the Bacalar Lagoon; however, it is presumed that overcrowding could have been the cause of the damage.

The results of this investigation are expected to shed light on what happened and help prevent similar incidents in the future, as Quintana Roo is considered one of the favorite tourist places for Mexicans and foreigners.”

Source: Debate