Mexico awards concession for 4th Cozumel dock


Mexico has awarded a 20-year concession to local operator Muelles del Caribe to construct and operate a fourth cruise dock on Cozumel island in Quintana Roo state.

Published in the official gazette on Wednesday, January 5th, the concession title states that the project will require an investment of 335mn pesos (US$16mn), about 216mn pesos less than originally announced, when the first stage of the 2020-24 national infrastructure program (PNI) was presented in October 2020. 

However, the investment is for construction only, so equipment and operations will require additional funds. 

The publication of the concession title also mentions that the dock will cover an area of 58,730m2 and that it will involve a passenger terminal and a road link with Cozumel’s urban area.

Overall, the project consists of building a “specialized pier for tourist cruises, made up of a pier access platform and an area for cruise ship embarkation and disembarkation and its corresponding area of operations,” according to the concession title. 

Although the project has faced local opposition, environmental ministry Semarnat approved construction last month, so works could start soon.

Source: BN Americas

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