Mexican protects more than 300 animals from Hurricane Delta and becomes a hero


The power of nature is relentless and causes severe damage, and in the case of hurricanes it can end the lives of those beings that are unprotected such as dogs, cats, birds, and other species that walk the streets, so Ricardo Pimentel Cordero, a resident of Quintana Roo, decided to receive more than 300 animals in his shelter to save their lives in the face of Hurricane Delta with its strong winds and intense rains, which in some way reminds us of Noah’s Ark.

Ricardo has a shelter called Tierra de Animales where he cares for animals, but in the face of the emergency due to the impact of the hurricane, he made a huge effort to protect as many as possible, for which he even had to bring them home and ask for support through of social networks to get food, cages and more, while conditions improve. This hero protected more than 300 puppies as best he could, as well as cats, rabbits, birds, pigs, goats, horses, and even a hedgehog.

If I could put more than 300 dogs, a shitload of cats, some chicks, a hedgehog, some baby bunnies and who knows how many more animals in my house, you are not dudes and put even the stray dog ​​or cat on your block in what happens the hurricane, please. We have already started the preparatory work to receive the hurricane; cutting branches, securing things that can fly, walling up windows and doors, filling drums with water, charging lamp batteries, etc., etc. The most radical thing is that we are going to fill the house with dogs, so there is going to be a poop party, but no way.

-Ricardo, on Facebook

Ya te podrás imaginar lo complicado que es controlar a esa gran cantidad de animalitos, aunque Ricardo ya tiene experiencia y reforzó muros, ventanas, puertas, instaló toldos, abasteció de agua y comida para que todo estuviera bien. Obviamente la ayuda es necesaria para cuando todo vuelva a la normalidad, así que a través de sus redes sociales sigue pidiendo comida, sobre todo, y tampoco le caería mal que le echaran una mano con la limpieza del albergue y de la casa.

The title of hero is well deserved, since Ricardo has been held responsible for the irresponsibility of others, because these dogs are the result of the abandonment of unscrupulous people, of mistreatment and that those who have animals in their homes do not take the pertinent measures so that they do not reproduce uncontrollably and end up wandering the streets, exposed to all kinds of dangers. A round of applause for those who, like Ricardo, give them shelter and protection.


We invite you to meet the farm, wild and companion animals that live with us, and learn about their stories and smiles.

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