Meet #LadyCovid, a drunk woman that was rejected from a plane in Cancun


CANCÚN, QUINTANA ROO.- A video went viral on social networks, in which a Mexican tourist leaving Cancun on a commercial flight, starred in a shameful moment, as she boarded the plane in a state of drunkenness and due to her impertinent attitude, caused the flight to delay for almost an hour, provoking the wrath of dozens of people who were eager to take off, so they nicknamed her #LadyCovidCancún.

In a video of almost 14 minutes, you can see how the woman got up repeatedly and took off her face mask to say meaningless things to the other passengers, so the woman was asked to get off the plane.

“I am going to tell you something, they are all here because they are worth seeing … the covid, they are not coming here to break with God,” replied the woman.

Source: You Tube

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