Marina finds bricks of cocaine on Tulum beaches 


A brick weighing one kilo whose interior contains cocaine, washed up on the beaches of Tulum. In the last nine days, the authorities have seized about 49 kilos of the same drug in the Riviera Maya, with a value on the black market of more than 50 million pesos. 

The Secretary of the Navy (Semar) announced through a statement the recent drug landing, which was found on the beaches of the ninth municipality while the military elements carried out preventive tours on the sandbanks. 

The partition, which weighed one kilo, was insured and made available to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), in Cancun, where the federal authorities were in charge of carrying out the corresponding investigations. 

In the last nine days, the uniformed officers have secured packages in Tulum, Solidaridad, Puerto Morelos and Cozumel, where a total of 49 kilos of cocaine, whose authorities presume it is the loss of a shipment of more than one ton, that entered Quintana Roo. 

 Source: Por Esto