Lobster Festival at Punta Allen 


The gastronomic event will take place in the picturesque coastal town of Punta Allen. 

With great expectation and enthusiasm, it was announced that everything is ready to start the long-awaited Lobster Festival in the picturesque coastal town of Punta Allen, located in the heart of the Caribbean Maya. 

According to the statement, the director of the Economy, Bady Gómez Soberano, highlighted the fundamental role played by the municipal president, Diego Castañón Trejo, in the organization and promotion of this gastronomic event and subject to sustainable fishing. 

“The municipal president has been a true promoter of sustainability in this Lobster Festival, recognizing his potential to highlight the identity and culinary richness of our municipality.” 

The director of Tourism, who organizes and promotes this activity, Giovanni Balam, stressed that this event will be part of the 55th anniversary of the Punta Allen fishing cooperative. In this sense, he pondered that lobster is internationally recognized thanks to sustainable fishing methods. 

The festival, in addition to delighting palates with the region’s exquisite lobster, has an additional attraction: the emergence of a dish that will represent the capital of the Mayan Caribbean. 

“The theme will start at 11:00 in the morning. The dishes will be cooked and taken to the central park to be able to taste them. In addition of having an economic award, this time the endemic dish will be generated, it will go through the City Council to become the endemic dish of Tulum”, said Gómez Soberano. 

Regarding the economic impact, he emphasized that the economic development in the municipality has been notorious, and the Lobster Festival has played an essential role in this progress. 

“We will continue promoting the flavor route. More than 100 merchants are already part of the route and are certified, ”he added. 

“Events like this attract tourists and visitors from far and wide, boosting local commerce, hospitality, and other economic activities. We are sure that this year will not be the exception and we will see an influx of visitors that will benefit the entire community”. 

With the collaboration of local fishermen, talented chefs and the community in general, the Punta Allen Lobster Festival is preparing to provide an unforgettable experience, bringing together the richness of the sea and the local culinary tradition in a single event. 

    Source: Novedades Quintana Roo