Authorities detain a foreigner in Cancun with more than 32 thousand USD in cash, from what amount should be declared? 


If tourists do not inform the authorities of the amount greater than that allowed, they will be fined from 20% to 40% of this amount. 

This Thursday at the Cancun International Airport, Quintana Roo, elements of the National Guard and Customs personnel detained a foreign person, who tried to enter the country with $32,400 in cash, without declaring before the corresponding tax authorities. 

The amount equivalent to 552,000 Mexican pesos was not reported despite the fact that the immigration authorities of all countries have strict rules in this regard and make them known to passengers before their trip. 

If, when entering or leaving Mexico, you take amounts in cash, national or foreign checks, payment orders or any other document receivable or a combination of them, whose value is equivalent to more than 10 thousand US dollars (equivalent to 170 thousand 549 ), are obliged to declare before the customs authorities. If they do not do so, they will be subject to a fine of 20% to 40% of the amount of the allowed amount. 

If the undeclared amount is greater than 30 thousand US dollars (511 thousand 647 Mexican pesos), they will be sanctioned with penalties of 3 months to 6 years in prison and the excess will become the property of the federal tax authorities, unless the legal origin of the resources is proven.   

In case of not proving its legitimate origin, in addition, you can reach a penalty of 5 to 15 years in prison and a fine of one thousand to five thousand days, for considering an operation with resources of illegal origin. 

Upon arrival in Mexico, the entry must be documented before the immigration authority. The Tax Franchise is the benefit you have to NOT pay taxes for introducing additional merchandise to the country in addition to your personal luggage. 


During Operations of the Paisano Program it will be 500 dollars. In normal times of 300 dollars. 


All year it will be 500 dollars. If you are a resident of the strip or border region (of legal age): All year it will be 150 dollars. 

 The franchises of the members of a family are cumulative if they all travel simultaneously and in the same means of transport. 


If the items are different from the baggage and franchise and have a value that does not exceed 3 thousand US dollars (51 thousand 164) or 4 thousand dollars (68 thousand 219) when computer equipment is included, you must pay 16% of the full value. 

If you travel by bus, the driver must go to the checkpoint designated at the border, where you must descend with your belongings and luggage, as well as fill out the form: “Customs Declaration for Passengers Coming from Abroad”, to present it to the staff from Customs and press the fiscal traffic light. 

If you travel in your own vehicle, you must select the lane through which you will enter Mexico, according to the following signs: “Self-declaration” or “Nothing to declare.” 

If the driver knows that he is exceeding the limit of his franchise, he accesses the “self-declaration” area to make the payment of the corresponding taxes. If you have doubts about the permits, authorizations or restrictions on the merchandise you are transporting, contact a Customs official, he will be able to help you. 

If you arrive by plane or boat, you must fill out the “Customs Declaration for Passengers Coming from Abroad” form to present it to Customs personnel, with the exception of the Mexico City International Airport and also Terminal 4 of the Cancun Airport. 

In the case of electronic devices, the documents needed to prove the value of the merchandise can be invoices, sales receipts, or any other document that proves the value of the merchandise. 

    Source: Infobae